Projects 2015

Psychological support

Psychological support

After 2013’s Summer Camp we realised the impact it had had on the children, especially the more fragile ones, the ones that had had it rough. A psychologist was present throughout the Camp and available to all. At the end of theses 10 days, families and teachers both shared with us their suprise and joy at finding the children not only full of glee but also newly-found confidence.  That’s when it appeared essential that we pursue this course of action and several children have since been able to meet with volunteer local psychologists.
The villages being distant and far apart, it is almost impossible for them to have frequent meetings. This is why we hope to set up a dedicated room in a few schools where children could, in between two sessions, contact their psychologist via Skype or a similar communication system.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2015

We are still waiting for the confirmation from the Education Bureau to know if the Summer Camp will be allowed to take place in the summer of 2015.



The Bookmobile

Since the spring of 2014, we have been doing our rounds in our brand new care, which doubles up a mobile library!

Seeing how successful it has been, we had to rally the help of the Beijing French Insitute’s team of librarians who helped us select some more quality books, both Chinese and translated. Total Shanghai has supported this project from the very beginning by contributing to the book purchases.