Conceived by Paul Pairet for over 15 years, Ultraviolet is the first restaurant of its kind attempting to unite food with multi-sensorial technologies in order to create a fully immersive dining experience.

The whole evening is a dramatic sensory play and the ten diners, entertained by a cast of 25 chefs and waiters, are made to feel like both the stars of the play and highly entertained audience members.

This ultra high concept restaurant, part of VOL Group (the group behind Bar Rouge and Mr&Mrs Bund) has opened on Friday 18th of May 2012. For this very special night, Paul Pairet had decided to unveil the restaurant in a super-exclusive engagement: he auctioned off Ultraviolet’s inaugural dinner to a select group of VIPs and he chose to give the proceeds to The Children of Madaifu.

The company Sennheiser who won the auction has thus donated 46.000 RMB that were symbolically given from the hands of its President for China, Marc Vincent (see photo).  One of the guests, Frank Bussalb, Chairman of MediaMarkt China, made a personal donation of 13.200 RMB to the Children of Madaifu. A big thank you to these generous donators and to Ultraviolet!



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