Thanks to UFE!, November 24 2011

On 24th of November 2011, UFE Shanghai was celebrating its first anniversary in Grand Mercure Hotel in Shanghai Hongqiao. During this event, UFE Shanghai promoted three associations which are receiving its support all along 2011-2012. Five art pieces created by Wenping Wang were put up for auction. The entire proceed has been equally shared between the three associations, among which figures the Children of Madaifu.
We warmly thank UFE Shanghai and all the generous donors for their support!

YCIS Autumn Fair

On Saturday 15th of October 2011, Madaifu participated to the school autumn fair organized by Yew Chung International School of Shanghai: a good opportunity to have more people aware of Children of Madaifu actions and to raise some funds by selling scrapbooking, postcards, Madaifu book notes…

Y5 Students in action

When children get involved to help other children….

As part of their school year project, Y5 students from French school of Shanghai Pudong have decided to support the Children of Madaifu. They will organize several fund raising actions along the year (making and selling Christmas greeting cards, organizing a bakery sale…), and the proceeds will be used for the creation of a library in Zhangba school in Gansu.

The first donation of books from the class (see picture) will be sent to the school in the coming weeks.

Charity Fundraiser Book Sale

The school’s first-ever Charity Fundraiser Book Sale took place Thursday, February 17 at the Pudong campus, organized by the parent association (BDA) in collaboration with the charity association Les Enfants de Madaifu.

 Over 1200 books were donated for the event by members of the school community as well as outside donors.

 The charity book sale was a huge success, with children and adults alike happily shopping for books (in French and English!) while enjoying the drinks and refreshments on sale by the BDA.

 100% of the funds raised from the book sale went to the charity organization Les Enfants de Madaifu, and will support over 10 needy children in northernChinafor an entire year. Thank you again to everyone who participated and bought books – you made this fundraiser a success!

Madaifu Party in Shanghai – 2011

Saturday 22nd of January…. about one hundred friends of the Children of Madaifu got together to party and celebrate 2011, and the year of the Rabbit to come… in short, to have fun while helping the children.

 Bar/club Cotton’s hosted the party, in its warm villa of the French Concession.

Despite the cold, guests crowded around the BBQ outside. Inside, happy smiles were on every face: log fires crackled, conversations livened up, glasses clinked, and dancers took over the dance floor…

 Thanks a lot to everyone for this great party which allows Children of Madaifu to support over 10 needy children for an entire year.