Charity Fundraiser Book Sale, April 16 2012

The now famous and popular annual Charity Fundraiser Book Sale took place at the Pudong campus, organized by the parent association (BDA) in collaboration with the charity association Les Enfants de Madaifu.

Thanks to the generosity of the school community, as well as many other outside donors, about 2000 books had been collected, in various languages (French, English, Chinese but also German, Spanish, etc!)
On the day of the charity book sale, Saturday 14th of April 2012, a lot of children and adults were happily shopping for books, going home with piles of new readings.
100% of the funds raised from the book sale has been given by the BDA to the charity organization Les Enfants de Madaifu, that is, a 20 695 RMB donation.

Les Enfants de Madaifu would like to thank warmly the BDA for his support and his incredible involvement all along this event.
Thank you again to everyone who participated, donating and/or buying books – you made this fundraiser a success!
See you next year for the next Book Fair!