ACCESS TO HIGHSCHOOL is an integral part of our cornerstone programme, ORPHANAGE WITHOUT WALLS, through which we support orphans aged 6 to 20.

Our wish is to help every child go as far as he/she can and we commit to funding each of them throughout their education. Compulsory education in China is partially free but becomes very expensive from highschool onwards (tuition fees, boarding fees when there is no dormitory, etc.). Faced with the financial burden that comes with entering highschool, the few that would make it through the tough entry exams  would have to give up on their aspirations and start work. They will most likely end up faraway, in  factories, on building sites, or waitering in restaurants in cities where they don’t know anyone…


Our aim is to make it possible for more and more children to not only finish the compulsory 9 years of schooling, but go beyond that and accompany them through the 3 years of highschool, and maybe even university, while providing them with job perspectives and training.

Our Partners :

  • In France : Air France Foundation ; St François Xavier Highschool in Vannes
  • In China : Publicis Media Shanghai, Carrefour Global Sourcing Shanghai
  • In Switzerland : Luxe4Education

Because our partners’ commit to supporting us for at least 3 years, we can securely fufill our commitment to the children throughout their education and even consider taking in new primary school students.

Entering highschool is quite a feat for students in these regions, where only 40% of middle school students get to pursue their education further.

Today, more than 30 children of Madaifu are in high school, 

a first for us, and a great pride.

To know more about the programme :

November 2017