NGOs in China

NGOs in China

Foreign NGOs cannot register in China unless they have 2 million euros in capital. They are, however, authorised to develop projects aimed at improving the quality of life of the Chinese population, especially for the elderly, those suffering from physical or mental disabilities, and orphans. These projects must meet certain ethical requirements in accordance with Chinese law. The Department of Civil Affairs, which supervises social work, issues the necessary authorizations and can control the management and goals of such projects.

Legal structure

The association has initially been registered in Hong-Kong under the name “Datong Lifeline (Hong-Kong) Limited”. It is now registered in France as “Les enfants de Madaifu Association Marcel Roux en Chine”, a non-profit association (June 16, 2007, JO n° 24, notice 1392). The status are in Appendix 1.


  • The board is comprised of 5 members (see list)
  • The team is staffed by one full-time chinese employee, who serves as the local manager of the association, and volunteers in China and France (see list)
  • A network of local correspondents in France and in China (see list)


Local partnerships

The success of “Children of Madaifu” is grounded in the participation of local people, whom the association strives to mobilize and coordinate :

  • Teachers and schools principals who can identify, help and monitor children in distress ;
  • Chinese administrative authorities, notably the Education Bureau and the Women’s Federation, with whom the association is in permanent contact to evaluate applications and manage relationships with the families and the schools ;
  • Village leaders, whose daily contact with the families and schools is essential to the success of the program ;
  • The families and children that the association has already helped, who are the first to help young people in distress.



Xavier EmmanuelliXavier Emmanuelli, Honorary Chairman

Born in 1938, Xavier Emmanuelli is a hospital practitioner who got involved with humanitarian activities in 1971, when he helped found Doctors without Borders. In 1983, he set up France's SAMU (Emergency Help Service) to assist homeless people. He was Minister of Emergency Humanitarian Action from 1995 to 1997. In 1998, he founded the international arm of SAMU. He is also chairman of the High Committee for the Housing of Deprived People.
Charlotte CailliezCharlotte Cailliez, Chairwoman

Born in 1967, Charlotte Cailliez has been living in Beijing since 1995. She worked first as a volunteer researcher for Doctors without Borders in China. She then worked as a librarian and researcher for the French Embassy press office in Beijing. In 2000, she took up a post as an assistant producer for the French TV channel "France 2" in Asia. Since 2004, she has worked as a producer for Hikari Production & Reports in Beijing.
Gerard DeleensGérard Deleens, Vice Chairman

Born in 1948 and trained as an engineer, Gérard Deleens has spent his entire career working in the oil industry. From 1995 to 2005, he worked for Elf Aquitaine and then Total in China. He still lives in Beijing, where he is manages several companies. He is a member of the Foreign Trade Council (China Chairman), a board member of the IFCIM (French-Chinese Engineering and Management Institute) and of the Alliance Française in China. He is also the founder and Chairman of France Beijing Assistance.
Jean-Pierre FouilleulJean-Pierre Fouilleul, Treasurer

Born in 1953, Jean-Pierre Fouilleul spent the initial part of his career working on civil engineering projects in France. He then went on two assignments in the South Pole, during which he made stopovers in China. He moved to China in 1989 and worked as a site manager for French and German companies in Beijing, Fuzhou, Shanghai, Laibin and Nanjing. Since 2003, he has been working with a Chinese building company and lives in Beijing.
Stéphanie de RyckelStéphanie de Ryckel, Beijing, Secretary

Born in 1974, Stéphanie de Ryckel is a certified nurse from the Tropical Medicine School of Antwerpen (Belgium). She has been working in several hospitals and clinics in Brussels as well as a volunteer nurse in less developed countries such as Rwanda and Burundi. She has been involved in humanitarian and charity work in Belgium before moving to China. She has been living in Beijing since 2007.

Local manager

Local manager

Li YixiLi Yixi, local manager

Born in 1972, Li Yixi began his career in management at a chemical company in Baoji (Shaanxi). He then got involved with social and humanitarian activities and founded a facility for retirees and street children in Baoji. He has been the local manager of the association since 2002. He oversees the orphanages without walls program and of the association's Web site.

Yang JunYang Jun, Orphanage without wall

Born in 1971, Yang Jun began his career in management at a water pump plant in Baoji (Shaanxi). He left the factory when it closed in 2001. He started to work for the association in 2008. He is now working on the -Orphanage without wall- program and particularly on construction projects in several villages.

Local correspondents

Local correspondents

In china

Anne de KermadecAnne de Kermadec, Beijing

Anne de Kermadec was born in 1954. She studied Chinese and taught French as a foreign language. She participated in an analphabetization program for South-East Asian refugees in Paris after 1975.
Lateron, she lived in Asia for more than twenty years out of which more or less ten years in China where she taught French and was the agent of a french travel agency. She established herself in Bejing again in 2007.
Sam TeaSam Tea, Beijing

Sam Tea was born in 1970. Her scientific studies led her to work as a chemist in several laboratories in Paris. She has lived in China for 10 years and does the accounting of the Beijing and Shanghai Agence France Presse offices. She also worked at the scientific desk of the french cultural center in Beijing.

Jérémie Vidal, Pékin. Né en 1988, Jérémie Vidal est diplômé de chinois de la School of Oriental & African Studies de Londres. Tout d'abord comme bénévole, puis comme VSI, il collabore, depuis l’été 2010, à la gestion de l'association, a l'organisation d’événements de levée de fonds et au suivi des enfants sur le terrain.
madaifu_shanghaiShanghai Group

From right to left :
Corinne, Agnes, Sandrine, Karine, Laurent and Vincent, with also Cyril and Daphné (not on picture) who have all been living in Shanghai for 2 to 6 years. Entrepreneurs or executives in large French companies (Alcatel-Lucent, Dassault Systèmes, Capgemini), they get together every wednesday of each month to discuss around a coffee about Madaifu and the next actions to take regarding the association. Do not hesitate to get in touch.

Email :

In France

Martine RochotMartine Rochot, Paris

Born in 1949, Martine Rochot obtained an MBA in geography. She has lived in the United States, the Middle-East, Italy, Germany and China. During her five year stint in Beijing, she organised conferences about Asia and China for expatriates. She has also worked in publishing and now devotes herself to binding art. She has been living in Paris since 2006.
Valérie MailliardValérie Mailliard, Paris

Born in 1966, graduated from Celsa, Valérie Maillard worked in different organizations specializing in the setting up of events and trips, mainly to the US, and this for 10 years. Since 1997, she works at Sanofi-aventis . She first was responsible of the international congres department and now works in the communication management department. Fascinated by chinese society and culture, she made several trips to China.

In Belgium

Isabelle Huchet-MévelIsabelle Huchet-Mével, services communication

Born in 1956, Isabelle Huchet-Mével trained as an economist before working as a consultant in France, first in a corporate strategy consulting firm and then in a communications company. She then worked as an economic journalist in the United States, where she lived for almost 10 years. She also worked as a freelance writer in France, the United States and China. She has been living in Beijing since 2003.

Over the years…

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